Gary Sanson Show July 17-August 30th, 2014

Gary Sanson’s series of mixed media Neo-Expressionist drawings and paintings that he had been working on over the last six years was on show at the Artisan Depot in Cowan July 17-August 30. A meet the artist reception was held July 18th and was well attended and fun. Although this series of work is mostly abstract, many of the works imply an environment, surface, land mass, or organic shape and form. As well as being suggestive of landscapes, many of the works can be viewed as employing a very intuitive form of transcription that one could respond to on a more subconscious level. However, it is not necessary that the viewer find any specific reading in the works, but to merely enjoy the colors, shapes, and forms of a lively surface. A Franklin County native, Gary Sanson received his BFA from MTSU in ‘95 and worked as a graphic artist for about 11 years. For the past 8 years,

Painting by Gary Sanson

Painting by Gary Sanson

he has taught K-12 art at the Huntland School in Franklin County .

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