Three Graces Icon Show

Anna Kathryn Anderson, Patricia Ann Underwood, & Nancy Jean Wallace (dubbed by their instructors as the Three Graces) opened their iconography explorations show on August 11th.  All three are well known local artists who over the past three years have focused their talents on iconography with instructors Sandy Kazar and Martha Keeble.  Icons which appear to be paintings are actually considered to be contemplative writing.  Iconography is a method of religious representations done in egg tempera that emerged as early as the 4th century from Catholic and Greek Orthodox traditions.  The modern tradition is based on what has come before but encourages self-discovery and incorporation of new artistic ideas.  In iconography gestures, objects, and color in the piece all have meaning. Styles vary from culture to culture and among artists. For example, in the piece shown here viewing from left to right, one can see that  Anna Kathryn Anderson  is inspired by Ethiopian artists, while Patricia Ann Underwood works in Russian and Byzantine themes (middle), and Nancy Jean Wallace (right) uses the Russian style with the idea of telling a story.

A meet the artists’ reception wasGraces held on Friday August 12th from 5-7pm at the Artisan Depot.  The reception is sponsored by longtime friend of the Franklin County Arts Guild JP’s Pawn and Gun Shop.

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