The Essentials

Below is a complilation of some essentials that every artist should have at their fingertips. These are what most of us use on a weekly, monthly and sometimes daily basis that are extremely helpful, inspiring and paramount in the life of an artist such as us :-). I hope that you find them useful, and if you have any links or essentials that you would like to share with all of us, please comment and post them here! (I am sure there are some that are not on here, these are general and not necessarily medium specific).

Magazines we can’t live without!

Art Calendar – a great business mag for artists!

American Art Collector – I get this EVERY month! The lastest and greatest of artists, what they are selling, what is being collected, how much they are selling their art for, and bios about these artists. GOOD STUFF!

International Artist – painting demos, contests and artists from all over the globe! Another one I cannot live without!

Artist Magazine – WIP’s, demos and interesting articles

Somerset digital studio.

Somerset Studio.

Altered Couture.

Online critiquing and art community:

wet canvas – whatever your medium, scan, post and meet new people that do what you do. Receive excellent critiques and review others in your medium.

artwanted – create a portfolio here, upload high res files and you can sell cards and prints of your work, too! A free place to create your own online gallery with lots of supportive artists



ETSY – the most amazing community of shops where you will find all handmade items, art, and crafts from all over! CHECK THIS OUT, having a store here is very reasonable! Christmas is coming, this is a great place to buy quality work, SELL your work and meet new awesome artists!!


dick blick

Jerry’s Artarama

Cheap Joe’s

Clear Bags – (need to bag and board your cards, prints and artwork? This place has TONS of sizes and at a great price!)

Nashville Wraps – Going to a festival or art show and need bags to pack your work in? Pretty tissue papers to wrap up your art?

Color Inspiration:

Color Lovers – Need some color inspiration? They actually have a website dedicated to COLOR!

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