Arts Shows for 2016

The Franklin County Arts Guild is pleased to announce the schedule of shows for 2016 at the Artisan Depot and Gift Shop.  The Depot will resume normal operating hours on January 28th with an opening reception for the first community show “Botanicals” and the first member show presented by Tom Boughan on Friday the 29th. Note the abbreviated intake schedule due to moving activities for the first shows.

The Franklin County Arts Guild invites original contributions from Franklin County artists of all ages in any media for inclusion in its Community Arts Shows at the Artisan Depot. All work must be submitted ready for display.  In addition all work must be submitted at the Artisan Depot in Cowan during the intake period during business hours.  Membership in the Guild and gallery fees is not required for these shows.

Dates of Community Shows

Theme Opening Opening Reception Closing Date
January 23 (1-5pm)& 24 (2-5pm) Botanical 1/28/16 1/29/16 March 05
March 03, 04, 05 Elements 3/10/16 3/25/16 April 16
April 14, 15, 16 Trains 4/21/16 4/29/16 June 04
June 02, 03m 04 Barns 6/09/16 6/10/16 July 23
July 21, 22, 23 Human Faces 7/28/16 7/29/16 September 03
September 01, 02, 03 Animal with Attitudes 9/08/16 9/09/16 October 22
October 20, 21, 22 Patriotism 10/27/16 11/11/16 November 20
November 18, 19, 20 Anything Goes 11/24/16 12/02/16 December 24



Dates of Member Shows for 2016

Intake Dates Name or Title Opening Opening Reception Closing Date
January 23 & 24 (1-3pm) Tom Boughan 1/28/16 1/29/16 February 27
February 25, 26, 27 Marsha Carnahan 3/03/16 3/04/16 April 02
April 01, 02 Ray Torstenson 4/07/16 4/08/16 May 14
May 12, 13, 14 Ken Gould 5/19/16 5/20/16 June 25
June 23, 24, 25 Laura Ellen Truelove 6/30/16 7/01/16 August 06
August 04, 05, 06 The Three Graces 8/11/16 8/12/16 September 17
September 15, 16, 17 Jenny Flatt 9/22/16 9/30/16 October 29
October 27, 28, 29 Veterans 11/03/16 11/11/16 November 20
November 18, 19, 20 Members’ Show 11/24/16 12/02/16 December 24


As you know Artisan Deport and Gift Shop will be moving to a new and bigger space in January.  We are closed from Dec. 20 through January 28th (this date is tentative).  The new space is just across the street from the old Depot so we won’t be hard to find and we will have a lot more parking behind the new building.  We are busy working to get it ready.   A lot has been accomplished.  Right now the roof is being worked on as well as some of the doors.  Nancy Wallace and Ken Gould are working on the new hanging system.  Soon there will be a need for folks to paint!  Here are a couple of important dates.  Our new community show  “Botanicals” will open on January 28th.  The gallery will be open on the 23rd 1-4 pm and 24th 2-5pm for the purpose of receiving work from local artist for this show.  Tom Boughan’s member show will also open on the 28th.  The will be a joint opening reception on Friday, January 29th for both shows and if all goes well the reception will include a grand opening celebration too.  More details as they arise! (updated January 5th)

Working on floor.  Painting Walls next!

Working on floor. Painting Walls next!

FUN Way to Support the FCAG!

You can now receive a work of art when you make a $20 donation to the FCAG.
You can get your name on the Rooster Booster Roster when you make a $20 donation to the FCAG Scholarship Fund.

Tiny wood carvings by Dwain Adams

Tiny wood carvings by Dwain Adams

You are also able to receive your pick of small works of art such as cards, jewels, or small pictures when you make a donation to the HVAC Fund for the new gallery heating and cooling system. Just come by the gallery and see all the beautiful things!

Computer manipulated watercolor repainted in ink and watercolor

Computer manipulated watercolor repainted in ink and watercolor

New Policy & Schedule for Hanging Art in the Artisan Depot

The Artisan Depot with the approval of the Franklin County Arts Guild has established a new policy and Schedule for art work that is hung on the Art boards in the gallery. This schedule is meant to encourage member artists to exhibit new works which will likewise encourage new visitors and customers to come to the gallery and to see what’s new. This January members are asked to collect art that is currently hanging and to bring in new work for exhibit. New works will be on exhibit for six months. Then in July these works will be removed and new works will be hung. This biannual schedule goes into effect this month. Can’t wait to see your new work!