Arts and Ales Fun for All

If you missed the Franklin County Arts Guild annual Arts & Ales event you missed a good time. The over 21 celebration the visual arts, music and of the art of brewing had over 300 attendee who enjoyed and afternoon of tasting brews in miniature beer glasses from Ballast Point, Catawba, Dogfish, Highland, Laguna’s, Blue Moon, Leine DFT, our own local Ole Shed, Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, Singing River, and Yee-Haw including so high gravity beers. Beer was poured by members of the Backwoods Carboys-Southern Tennessee Brew Club who are long time supporters of the event.

Music from The Secret Commonwealth, the party that became a band and the eclectic Ninth Street Stompers kept the event festive and lead to enthusiastic dancing on the wooden floor of the Monterey Station

Arts and Ales Art Show included an interesting and eclectic variety of pieces by well known guild artists. There were also art demonstrations in wood working, wood carving, papercutting, drawing and color. Guests could also create their own art. Folk artist Frances Perea showed interested participants how to make pendants from recycled fabrics and often incorporates found objects such as vintage buttons & assorted metal findings into her work.  Many attendees also contributed to mob art projects where each person contributed to a final piece of group made art.  This piece will displayed at the Artisan Depot in Cowan.


Margie Gallagher demonstrated and sold nest egg gourds decorated using woodburning irons and watercolors


Attendees check-in at the event table and get their over-21 wristbands


Art show and demonstration were at the center of the event space.

Beer sampling

Participants moved from table to table tasting the wide variety of beers, they were also able to buy event t-shirts and beer glass sampling sets.

Enjoying music and beeir

Enjoying beer, table art, and music.

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