Photo MP Costume Winners Laura Butler, Miette Blue & Cy Dost

If you missed the Masquerade Party you missed a great time. Here are a few pictures! Best Costume Winners (Ok not the mannequin) Everyone making their own carnival mask! Party goers bidding on an excellent selection of silent auction items.

Community Arts Show “The Human Form” remains open until November 8th.

The Community Arts Show “The Human Form” show at the Artisan Depot in Cowan is proving to be one of our most eclectic shows ever. If you haven’t seen it come on down! It opened on September 25th with a meet the artist reception on the evening of the 26th from 5-8pm.
Drop by the gallery during regular operating hours. The show will run through November 8th .

The Artisan Depot community art shows welcome original contributions from Franklin County artists of all ages in multiple types of art media. Membership in the Guild and gallery fees is not required for these shows. All work in the show is for sale. The Artisan Depot is operated by the Franklin County Arts Guild and is located at 201 Cumberland St. East in Cowan, TN. Gallery hours are 12 pm to 5 pm on Thursdays and Fridays and 11 am to 5 pm on Saturdays.

Work by Tom Baughan

Work by Tom Baughan

Collecting Original Art

Deco Perc by James Neil Hollingsworth, oil on primed hardboard, 6x6"


Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am addicted to collecting original art. Yes, I know, it is probably better than being an alcoholic and cheaper than buying drugs (ok, maybe not cheaper than THAT, but still…) I absolutely love buying art, when I can. Sometimes if I find something I fall in love with, I save up for it, and if it is still available, I grab it with my greedy hands! At other times, I buy smaller original art because it is more affordable and sometimes smaller is better (because you can by more? ;-) ) I try to buy art from my friends because not only does it support them, lets face it, my friends are GOOD artists! Seriously! They are each growing and flourishing in their own rights and one day people, they will shine and hit the high road and guess what, I have one of their originals! Ok, I do buy art because I love the individual pieces, yes. But I also buy art for future investments, too. I once collected comic books because I figured that one day they would help put my son Jake thorough at least one semester in college (but at the rate tuition is going up, I will be lucky that they will help him buy a semester of BOOKS!). I will hold on to those comics because one day, they will increase in value and be worth Something! One can only hope.

You can never go wrong with artwork. I recently bought a new house of my very own, one that I am completely in love with. I have just now realized how much artwork I have collected over the years, and even in this big house I have, I STILL cannot hang it all! The painting above is just a sample from an artist that I TRULY admire and of whom I own an original from. James Neil Hollingsworth is an amazing master of oil painting. I bought an original from him in 2007, one like this one (coffee themed) and the price has skyrocketed since I purchased it. Neil has become so well known and respected in his field, his paintings sell for hundreds of dollars now, even for his 6×6″ paintings (like this one). See more of his work on his Website

Another artist friend of mine, Maggie Steifvater, of whom I own 2 original paintings, is now a famous book author. She wrote Shiver, which is now surpassing the Twilight series and is being made into a movie. I will be holding on to these paintings, not only because I LOVE them, but because they have now quadrupled in value and will continue to do so because Maggie is now internationally famous. (she is also a fantastically funny and wonderfully kindhearted girl!!).

I have countless numbers of these kind of situations, countless numbers of paintings that are dear to my heart and I continue to fall in love with countless more daily… but my pocket book keeps me reigned in ;-). I stay away from prints, I only buy original. Even if they are signed and numbered. I want to see the paint, see the brush strokes, feel the paint, know that the artist was there and have the sense of the experience that was there when it was created. A print just doesn’t do that for me. That is my personal choice.

If you are interested in being a serious art investor, collector, (hoarder) check out what your friends are doing (seriously) and maybe buy a piece or two. You never know where their paths will take them! If that piece of art that you have been longing for seems out of reach, maybe it really isn’t impossible to get. Find a way to make it possible. Art makes us happy, it satisfies in a way I cannot explain. It seems to last forever. Not only can you buy it for personal satisfaction, you can buy it knowing you have made an investment for your future. I tell my kids all the time, “babies, when I die, you will be RICH because all my painting will be worth a fortune!” They have already picked out their race cars :-).

collect away people.